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What do buyers want from their
Real Estate Professionals?


You want the best deal possible!
Our commitment to you is before you make an offer on a property we will show you the last 6 months of sales history so you can determine a fair offer price.

You don’t want to miss out on good deals!
That’s why we set up the “VIP Buyers Program“. You are notified immediately as new properties hit the market. This is a free service to sign-up click here.

You want aggressive and knowledgeable professionals.
No one likes to work with pushy sales people looking for a fast sale. We are not “desperate agents” it is our job to guide you through what will probably be your largest investment. Your hard earned dollars are at stake and we do not take that lightly!

Your time is valuable and you don’t want it wasted!
We work hard to properly qualify you and learn your needs so you are only viewing properties that meet those needs.

You want a smooth transaction!
Let’s face it, buying a home is stressful and although there is no guarantee of a perfect transaction many problems can be avoided by an experienced agent. Just like a good weatherman can see a storm
coming, a good agent can recognize trouble before it hits. This comes with EXPERIENCE and LESSONS LEARNED!


We Guarantee Our Service!
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Want the information needed to
help you
get the home you want?

We have some great tool to make this process easier.

1. Join our VIP Buyers Program.

2. Buyers 101 Newsletter – This covers a lot of the basics, procedures, and great tips.

3. Buyers Insider Secrets Newsletter- Covering tips, facts, and questions that will save you thousands.

  • How to obtain the best mortgage at the lowest rates
  • How to avoid the hidden cost of buying a home
  • Questions to ask when selecting an agent
  • And much more.

4. Search the San Diego area MLS (multiple listing service). A simple property search box is on the right side of this page. This is the same database the Real Estate Agents use. It is the most up-to-date information for San Diego Real Estate.


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Did you know that most home buyers do not take the time to interview real estate agents for the right to assist them?  They just take their chances on meeting an agent at an open house or over the phone. Give us a call we would love the opportunity to help you reach your Real Estate Goals!

We Guarantee Our Service!
Call us for a FREE consultation today!
Steve Markley ~ (619) 370-3660
Debbie Markley ~ (619) 370-3660
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