Investors Corner

What type of investor are you? 

  • Are you a rehabber that purchases distressed homes at a deep discount for the purpose of renovating and selling for a profit? 
  • Are you a wholesaler that sells to rehabbers for less risk and smaller profits?
  • Are you a “buy and hold” investor, building a portfolio of homes to create income?  If so… do you speculate an increase in value or does it need to turn a profit year one?  We have a great calculator to help you study your investments. Investment Calculator
  • Are you a private money lender to other investors? 
  • Are you new to investing in real estate and want to learn how to get started? 

No mater what type of investor you are, or wish to become, we can help.  As investors ourselves, we understand the key to finding the right deals to make the numbers work. 

Call Steve (619) 370-3660 to discuss your needs and create a plan that works for you!

Steve Markley is certified through OICP as an Investment Properties Specialist.


























Steve Markley is certified through OICT as an Investment Properties Specialist.