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Home Preparation

  • We recommend that you hire a home inspection firm to evaluate your property for safety and maintenance issues. The cost for this service usually runs from $200 – $600 depending on the company you choose, home type, size, age, and amenities. Example: a 2000 to 2500 sq ft home runs Approx $350.
  • We offer preparation recommendations. Keep in mind, most people take care of nice things… the cleaner the better.
  • If it has been a long time since your last termite/pest inspection, we recommend a vacancy period as a perfect time to have this done.

Property Preservation

  • Video Documentation- Before a tenant occupies your home, we video tape your home as a record of condition… this includes digital photos as required.
  • We create a written report of property condition that your tenants acknowledge upon signing of a rental agreement.
  • We periodically pick up monthly rental checks in person to perform visual inspections as required. Any deficiencies are noted and tenants are notified verbally and in writing.
  • Neighbor Notification- Your neighbors are notified by letter that we are managing your property.  We provide our contact information and encourage them to CONFIDENTIALLY NOTIFY us if they see anything that may need our attention.

Locating Suitable Tenants

  • Professional “for rent” signs are placed on and near your property in accordance with city and homeowners association rules and regulations.
  • All prospective tenants in our database are notified of your properties availability.
  • We advertise your property to local Real Estate agents and offer a finders fee (as agreed by you) for a lead that results in a signed lease.
  • Direct mail marketing sent to select prospective tenants that may require the type of home you have to offer.
  • Your property is advertised with military housing.
  • If appropriate, your home information and availability is provided to major employers in the area.
  • Your home is posted on select websites known to provide results.

Note- There is no additional charges for the above advertising. If your property is not rented 10 days before it becomes vacant, we place an ad in the daily newspaper for all weekends until a tenant is found (this is at the cost of the homeowner as approved).

Tenant Screening

  • Verification of address and current/past landlords are interviewed.
  • Employment verification and interviewed.
  • Credit reports ran and verified.
  • When possible, we pick up tenant applications at their current place of residence.
  • Approval- After we have finished our screening, you will be contacted with all known information we received regarding the applicant and a recommendation will be given. You then decide to accept or reject the applicant.


  • We do not charge extra fees for accounting.
  • Our sophisticated property management software provides easy to read monthly statements.
  • At year end we provide a special report for your use in preparing income taxes.


  • Our management fee is 10% of rental income.  However, we charge a minimum of $120.00 and a maximum of $200.00.
  • You do not pay commissions during vacancy period.
  • We do not charge up-front or set-up fees.
  • You pay advertising fees for print ads only.  No charge for internet advertising. See advertising for more information.
  • You pay for the re-keying of the property between tenants as billed by the locksmith.
  • Home repair / maintenance fees as billed by the contracted company. We do not add a “surcharge or handling fee” to your invoice.

Other Services

  • Each contract is customized to the individual needs of our clients
  • Each tenant must sign a separate document outlining our rules for any given property.
  • We are very accessible 7 days a week. Our normal operating hours are 8am to 6pm. However, we provide 24 hour emergency service.


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