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What do sellers want from their
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What do you do for a living?
In your field of business is one person more skilled then the next?  Are all doctors equal? How about contractors? Are some attorneys better then others?  Every profession has its good and bad… that goes for Real Estate Agents as well! The same commission dollars you spend you can hire an agent with vast experience or little experience, aggressive marketing or no marketing, strong negotiating skills or limited negotiating knowledge. Some agents will say anything to get a listing!  Make sure you hire your agent based on their marketing skills, contract knowledge, and track record… not on promises.

When you call us what can you expect?
You don’t want to be pushed into selling! Before putting your home up for sale we will arrange a mutually convenient time to stop by and take a quick look at your home, and discuss your alternatives. Then we will be happy to provide you with a FREE Comprehensive Price Analysis, and give you an estimate of the net proceeds you’ll receive after all closing expenses. That way you’ll know in advance how much money you’ll have to meet your goal.

When/if you decide to sell you will want to receive top dollar.
When we meet, you can expect us to be a candid, up-front, no-nonsense, and professional. There are lots of opinions but just one set of facts. We’ll look at the facts of record to make informed decisions as to the best pricing and marketing strategies to assure that we get every dollar possible from the sale of your home. We’ll also give you an honest evaluation of how long it will take to sell.

You want protection and knowledge!
It’s not a secret that poor contract knowledge can get a seller in lots of trouble.  As stated above, not all agents have the same knowledge or ability.  As one of the company trainers in “contracts and negotiations” we are very qualified to negotiate your sale.  We will be glad to provide you with a list of references at your request.

You don’t want surprises!
We’ll give you a complete breakdown of the unique marketing services we provide, so you’ll know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it, in advance, so there’s no surprises.

You want clear communication!
We provide weekly feedback to our sellers regarding; home competition, changes in the marketplace, buyer / agent comments and feedback, and changes to your objectives if any.  Also, we answer our phones from 8:00am to 10:00pm…ask us about our return call guarantee!


We Guarantee Our Service!
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People sell homes for many reasons, to move up, to move down, job transfers, divorce, and occasionally for other reasons. Regardless of the circumstance you can count on us to be sensitive confidential to your personal needs.

We Guarantee Our Service!
Call us for a FREE consultation today!
Steve Markley ~ (619) 370-3660
Debbie Markley ~ (619) 370-3662
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